Weight Management

Weight Loss and Perfect Weight Management

Tips for Conscious Eating:

  • Set food on plate, sit down and don’t eat in car or at desk to soothe feelings of anxiety or boredom
  • Use a smaller plate to make the portions/amount of food seem larger (full plate concept)
  • Use smaller utensils such as salad fork to take smaller bites
  • Use narrow glass for juice to make a 4 oz. serving seem more appealing
  • Use a smaller 5 oz. wine glass instead of the large one that seems like you are getting just 1/3 a glass
  • Slow down eating by eating with chopsticks
  • Use less dominant hand for eating
  • Choose a place to eat and only eat there (such as setting the table nicely)
  • Put healthy food out for easy access and put unhealthy or tempting things away in hard to reach places so there is time to think about eating them


  • Wait 15 to 20 minutes before eating something else after you have eaten the allotment for a meal
  • Still hungry? Try an activity such as a walk around the block, vacuuming, playing ball or putting on some music and conducting an orchestra for a little activity
  • List what you know is good for you and what you like and read it.   Believe your knowledge and trust that you know deeply what is good for you.
  • Exercise more… do what you like not what you think you “should” do. What have you done before and enjoyed. Add variety to your life. Confidence will grow.
  • Watch the negative thoughts, images and messages and make an effort to transform them rather than dwell on the impossible but think of the possible and the positive aspects about your unique self.
  • Look to find or strengthening other areas of your life that gives a “full” feeling or a feeling of being satisfied and gratified within your body that doesn’t include food.
  • Plan an outing, make an appointment for self care, call or write a friend, join a new group or organization, volunteer, write your thoughts in a journal 

 Good Messages:

  • All organs heal and function properly when I eat healthy foods in just the right amounts for me.
  • My community and friends can be support to me if I choose health over poor eating habits.
  • Surround myself with healthy people and friends.
  • I feel gratified, satisfied, and comfortable when I eat healthy food in the amounts that are good for me.
  • I find satisfaction and fulfillment in other areas of my life that contribute to me feeling satiated so that food doesn’t have to be the thing I turn to for stress relief, soothing, or self gratification
  • I feel full even without having to over eat or indulge in foods that aren’t healthy for me.