Doctor’s Endorsement from an Internationally Recognized Maternal-Fetal Medicine Professional

Dear Rebecca,

I am pleased to give you a letter of professional support, as well provide my impression of hypnotherapy techniques used during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.   I have known you for many years and feel that your intelligence, technical expertise, and communication skills make you perfectly suited to help women as they prepare for labor and delivery.

I have observed the success achieved by my own patients using hypnobirthing techniques during labor.  I have marveled at their ability to cope with physical discomfort and stress during labor and delivery, which in turn, allows them to enjoy the birthing experience.  I’ve also been impressed by hypnobirthing education because it encourages a team approach to labor management rather than the “us and them” mentality encouraged by some natural childbirth programs.

Of all of the birthing techniques offered, I make certain my own patients have access to hypnobirthing classes and am genuinely pleased when they choose to utilize hypnobirthing skills during labor.

My hat goes off to you as you offer these wonderful techniques to the women of Danville and surrounding areas.  I’m quite certain that your instruction will benefit the families in your area for years to come.

T.Flint Porter, MD, MPH

Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Intermountain Medical Center and Urban Central Region

Intermountain Healthcare

Program Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship

Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

University of Utah School of Medicine

“I saw Rebecca for some assistance with moving past some boundaries that were holding me back from accomplishing what I wanted. As a month went past I also realized that my crippling fear of driving over bridges (a fear I had lived with for the last 10 years) was completely gone! Although that was not an area I had specifically asked her to help with, it was just one of the happy results of our time together.”


“My first session with Rebecca was amazing.  She really listened to me and helped uncover root issues.  Her voice was soothing and I felt calm and relaxed right away.  Rebecca Berke CHt is fantastic and I strongly recommend her.”

~Mark M.

I feel very fortunate to have had Rebecca to help me deal with issues of performance anxiety in only a few sessions with hypnotherapy. She has very soothing energy and I trusted her completely throughout the process. My induction to a hypnotic state was very rapid each time and my sessions with Rebecca brought up issues of self judgment that I thought I had worked through in previous psychotherapy.  The thing that is most impressive about my sessions with Rebecca is how quickly she helped me get to the root of the problem. What I found most interesting was having Rebecca lead me through what she called Interactive Hypnosis..  In this process asked me if would be willing to answer questions about my past memories of anxiety and fear of presentations while under a light trance state. I agreed and was” blown away” as to the ease that memories of how my issues of feeling inadequate began.

Rebecca helped me feel more confident as a public speaker and I will continue to listen to the recordings of sessions she made for me as reinforcement on my continued path of self confidence.  If any other issues of anxiety come up for me. I will without hesitation use her services to gain more insight and ability to transform my negative thoughts into positive traits. I recommend her without hesitation.”

~A grateful client!!

In my session with Rebecca, a shift occurred…I felt as though the familiar shoes (feeling a little stuck) changed and I recognized the old pattern in a new way.  Recognizing that way of walking didn’t feel good and was opened up to choosing shoes I really like (joy-full), feeling pain free feet to walk the day differently, making it my new familiar. That has sustained over several months, indicating that the initial ‘feeling good’ was a shift that is permanent.  Thank you!”

~Barbara Jean

“Talking about my issue with Rebecca was very easy and I was able to get to my own place of knowing that I could succeed.  An added bonus to my session was the feeling of the universe opening and seeing the expansiveness with the stars and feeling how good it felt to be in myself with a lovely green feeling flowing inside me.”

~E. fromFairfield

“Thank you for such a fabulous session, debunking my myths, conquering my fear and creating a safe and higher space for me.  That was absolutely fabulous! “


 “Our introduction session last weekend was amazing! I haven’t felt so calm and serene in years. Thanks Rebecca.”

~ T. B.

Good Day Rebecca:  I have to tell you that since we met I am a changed person!!  I have been “taking care of business” around my house; I go for spontaneous walks and am able to control my eating.  An apple now lasts me 3 days!!  The night after we met, I went to a bridge party.  I was able to taste what I wanted and not go back for more.  Even the sweets were not tempting.  I took a small piece of apple strudel, took 2 bites and left the rest.  I was satisfied.  I am amazed and losing weight.  I already feel better about myself and am reclaiming my old friendly persona.  I have that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach again.  Life is good and I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  “


“I really enjoyed our first appointment and I was finding it easier to pass the cookie aisle at the grocery store.  I really want to get back to my recording.” 

~C. C.

“I decided to try this process after years of trying to cut my addiction to Soda Pop. This therapy works…

What an amazing change I experienced in the same day of participating on my first session. I couldn’t imagine having a meal without Soda Pop, but now I have been able to replace soda with water. At work, I used to drink 2 or 3 of those 1 liter bottles of soda per day and then I would go home and still have more. I haven’t gone to Safeway to stack up on Soda in weeks and I noticed that I still have several of those 2 liter bottles getting dusty in the closet. 

I see the benefit of this therapy and I do plan to use this process to improve in many other areas of my life.

Thank you so much Rebecca for what you do and for facilitating this process.”

~B. A.- from San Ramon

“Things are going great, I am not even having cravings! 

Thank you so much again, this was SUPER helpful in cementing my determination to quit smoking.”

~N. F. from San Francisco

“First, let me say that

I enjoyed some absolutely amazing results. 

I am shocked by not just the ability for the suggestions to take hold, but for the peace that followed.  The clarity. 

It touched every area of my life,

making communication and day to day

life richer, calm, and wonderful. “

~ S. G.  from Danville

“I’ve listened to my hypnosis tape every morning, and the results have been amazing! The negative back talk is going away, and I start the day with so much more energy. I can’t imagine where this will take me.It’s so amazing. I only hear a few words before losing consciousness. And I wake up right when you tell me every time.

Thank you so much!”


“Thanks! I’ve been feeling good. The weight on my chest and shoulders feel like they’ve been lifted. I feel very light and optimistic.

My sleeping has been great…I feel like we broke the cycle of my waking up at all hours of the night. 

Looking forward to our next session.”

~K.W. from Concord

“I enjoyed our session last Friday and look forward to the next one. 

 I’ve been feeling very good for the last few days.  When I wake up in the morning, I feel positive and energized, in a way I can only compare to times when I’ve just completed a big project, or gotten a really nice compliment, or found just the right solution for a problem I’d been grappling with, or got a great haircut, or purchased something I’d been lusting over.  Each morning and throughout the day, I’ve tried to figure it out – what’s making me feel so good?  Are the stars aligned or my biorhythms all positive or what?! 

I’m not going to waste much more time trying to figure it out – I’m just going to enjoy it – but the best I can figure is that our session did it.  Thank you!

 I can’t say as I’ve lost weight since seeing you, but I have noticed a change in my thinking, much as you described.  Day by day that’s playing out and I see how it’s impacting the eating choices I make.  I’m pretty confident that by the next time I see you, I will have made some progress.”

~S.W. from Danville

“I’ve been listening to my de-stress CD from our session.  I want to tell you of a good experience.  Yesterday was a very stressful day for me.  Husband was ill with a bad back, had surgery on his toe, my daughter was still sick with cough and not wanting to eat and some other “goodies”.  When I finally went to bed, I plugged in to my recording and slept very well last night.  Woke up feeling good!  Thanks for everything and I know I will see you again.”

~M.C. from Concord

“I took my grandsons to ice cream yesterday and the most amazing thing was that I LOVE ice cream and really just didn’t want it, it didn’t taste good, had a sort of odd taste as I was eating it that I didn’t finish…I can’t imagine where that came from other than my request that you help me stop craving sweet stuff…SO it’s all GOOD…onward.  “

~T.F. from Walnut Creek


“This class is such a unique and special gift. Rebecca brings such kindness, presence and compassion to her teaching. She meets each student where they are with full acceptance regardless of their fitness level or dancing ability.

I love the way she has married mindfulness and movement to create an embodied, uplifting and healing experience that with on the body and mind equally. The class is unlike anything else I’ve done, but I immediately felt strangely at ease and at home.

I loved the energy, the music, connecting with the other students and the way the movements evoked emotions and memories. I look forward to going back again and again! ”


“I appreciate how you let us all know we can wear what we wish (whatever works for us), we can sit the way we wish (however we feel comfortable), and when it’s time, we can follow the movements as we wish, whether it be stretching, breathing, visualizing or dancing.”


“I think the class gets me out of my head and into a different space. A very kind and thoughtful space. I definitely feel lighter when I leave than when I came in. I think back on dances we did or things we paused to appreciate in the class and it makes me feel good later. So in a way, I take the class with me.”


“I’m so thankful for Rebecca and her class, “Sanctuary Self.” It’s poetry in motion and truly refreshing ~ breathing into the sanctuary within. ”


“My daughter and I are absolutely loving the class. The freedom of movement and relaxation all in one hour! My mind clears up and I feel so light. ”