Sanctuary Self Class

Breath, Intention, Movement Class

You are invited!


Movement glimpse of class

Classes held at:

I Can Do That Performing Arts Center

194 Diablo Rd.

Danville, CA 94526


  • Tuesdays at 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Thursdays at 11:30am-12:30pm

Continuity is attendance strengthens connection to your Sanctuary Self

Venmo or Zelle (to my email) are the preferred way of payment.

To reserve your spot (as space is limited) email/text me class/classes and # of guests

Fee: $15 per class and bring a guest for free (introductory offer)

What to Bring: You! Anything works, Comfortable clothes better! & a yoga mat or beach towel

*PARKING: Please DO NOT park in the private lot next to the Center, they will not allow us to use their space. There are several parking lots within a few blocks of the Center. Feel free to park and walk in our front or back entrance. (Nearby parking lots: Rose Street, Clock Tower, Front Street)


“This class is such a unique and special gift. Rebecca brings such kindness, presence and compassion to her teaching. She meets each student where they are with full acceptance regardless of their fitness level or dancing ability. 

I love the way she has married mindfulness and movement to create an embodied, uplifting and healing experience that with on the body and mind equally. The class is unlike anything else I’ve done, but I immediately felt strangely at ease and at home.

I loved the energy, the music, connecting with the other students and the way the movements evoked emotions and memories. I look forward to going back again and again! ” ~R.H.

“I appreciate how you let us all know we can wear what we wish (whatever works for us), we can sit the way we wish (however we feel comfortable), and when it’s time, we can follow the movements as we wish, whether it be stretching, breathing, visualizing or dancing.”~S.B.

“I think the class gets me out of my head and into a different space. A very kind and thoughtful space. I definitely feel lighter when I leave than when I came in. I think back on dances we did or things we paused to appreciate in the class and it makes me feel good later. So in a way, I take the class with me.”~S.B.

“I’m so thankful for Rebecca and her class, “Sanctuary Self.” It’s poetry in motion and truly refreshing ~ breathing into the sanctuary within. “~A.P.

“My daughter and I are absolutely loving the class. The freedom of movement and relaxation all in one hour! My mind clears up and I feel so light. “~F.O

Here’s the information so that you can ask questions and start a conversation with your friends who might be interested as well.

This class gives everyone that can breathe an opportunity to tune into their bodies through awareness and breathing practices. We ground into the space we occupy in any given moment and bring ourselves into the experience of being alive. Feeling the richness of being fully present in the moment is emphasized.

Following cues, with adaptations of movements, is a natural and easy way to feel connected to one’s body, the earth, and the sense of how our body responds to the kind of messages we give it.

With a group of strangers or friends, there is a sense of belonging and joining in the idea of bringing a good thought to ourselves and to the energies around us. There becomes the “intention” of positive purpose that we all have and can be nurtured personally and with community.

Easy, non-judgmentally and inclusively this class is designed to bring energy, gentle movement, and Intention to feeling empowered and reach in towards ourselves for that place of serenity and calm confidence…..

It is Sanctuary Self!

Please reach out via email or text if you have questions about the class. I welcome comments, concerns, and questions!

Rebecca Berke