Mindfulness Coaching and Classes

Free Your Inner Genie!

Free Your Inner Genie!


Each class or individual coaching session includes:

  • Information, Ideas and Teachings from Mindfulness Teachers

  • Self-Inquiry quizzes or reflections

  • “Practice Patterns”

  • Guided Visualization/Hypnosis/Mindfulness Practice that is provided digitally for reinforcement

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the one who’ll decide where to go.”~Dr. Seuss

Classes and Presentations for large and small groups on the following topics:

New Class! Email today to Register! rebecca.berke@gmail.com

Power to Better … Boundaries, Healthy Lifestyle and Happiness

Right now, we hear about how folks are feeling stuck, unable to move into this new season with much hope or enthusiasm. It is still a unique and uncertain time. There is some weariness involved on just about every front. Will things stay the same, improve or even become worse?

It is a time for reflection but also a time where we can take some positive steps and learn some new tools for taking stock and recognizing our gifts and strengths as well as empower and develop new ones. I hope you will consider joining this new online class.

Learn Self Hypnosis and Mindfulness towards your best life.

Conversational Inquiry practices on healing and moving in a positive direction will be explored with practice sessions.

When: 3 Tuesdays at 6:30-8pm -September 28th, October 5th and 12th

Where: Zoom

Fees: $60 for Series on Zelle (rebecca.berke@gmail.com), Venmo, (@Rebecca-Berke-2) Paypal (rebecca.berke@gmail.com),

Zelle is my preferred way (doesn’t charge me a chunk for delivery)

Class Outline:

  • Information on the class topic
  • A Volunteer practices self-inquiry techniques with Rebecca—can be the client or the inquirer (safe, secure, and fun questions)
  • Notes and Share
  • Group meditation- recorded and sent digitally


Class 1: Boundaries = Owning Intuition, Sensitivity, Cultivating a Happy Attitude

Class 2: Healthy Lifestyle = Eating, Sleeping, Motivation, Energy, Human Condition Support

        Class 3: Happiness = Laugh more, Humor, Peace, Calm and Joy

I will send the Zoom link out on the Monday before the first class on the Tuesday, 28th at 6:30.

Power of Energy, Movement, and Intention Class

(New Class indoors or outside)

This class gives everyone that can breathe an opportunity to tune into their surroundings through awareness and breathing practices. By centering into the space, we occupy in any given moment, this brings one into the experience of being alive. Feeling the richness of being fully present in the moment is emphasized.

Through a natural and easy practice, we feel connected to one’s body, the earth, and the sense of how our body responds to the kind of messages we give it.

Whether the class is in the open air or in a room, with a group of strangers or friends, there is a sense of belonging and joining in the idea of bringing a good thought to ourselves and to the energies around us.

Non-judgmentally and inclusively this class is designed to bring energy, gentle easy movement, and intention to feeling empowered. It is an opportunity to reach inwards to that place of serenity, strength, and calm confidence.

Other Ongoing Classes

Please email to find out about Dates and Times

  • Mindfulness and the 5-3-1 Easy Daily Practice
  •  When Will Power is Not Enough!
  •  The Way Women Think …. Matters!
  • Vision Boards and how they can influence your desired life!
  • Better Sleep