About Rebecca

Rebecca Berke, Board Certified Hypnotherapist


My career in the performing arts, primarily dance, gave me the knowledge of the wonderful, powerful, mind/ body connection.  I owned and managed Ballet and Theatre Arts for 25 years as well as founded and directed the Danville Ballet Company for pre professional dancers.   I was committed to training dancers in the art of dance as well as give them an understanding of their bodies and how it can be used with respect, dignity and for expressing beauty in their art form.  I used breathing with dancers, guided imagery and focusing  for their own inner wisdom to be able to achieve their goals and perform to the best of their ability.   This was always true for students as well as professionals in using their mind to conquer the saboteurs which kept them from doing the best job they could do. They then would be able to actualize the dream of what they wanted to be and what they knew they could be. 

As a leader of Stanford’s Healthier Living Workshops for people with chronic disease or illness, I learned that the power of the mind transcends all cultures and all people.   It is not about language or background but what we have within us and what we can tap into when we are ready to let go of unwanted thoughts and feelings.   This is for everyone and is universal in our biological make up.   The studies that show that through hypnotherapy a person can open their subconscious mind and have an opening to strengthen new ways of being in the world and letting go of old patterns was, and still is, fascinating to me.  Neuropathways can be changed so that we can change the way we think about ourselves and help us release thinking patterns that keeps us from living our best lives. I personally have seen this happen in my own life.   I have been able to move forward more confidently then ever before and trust more in my own worth.

My hypnotherapy practice has been a gift to me that allows me to share this practice with a wide variety of people with so many issues that life presents to all of us.   I have seen the results and know of the value of getting “out of the way” of our negative thoughts that can keep us stuck.  Through my work I can help bypass a client’s resistances and let their inner wisdom come to the forefront. Without effort from the client, they find themselves on a better path merely by opening their subconscious mind through hypnosis and allowing the changes to take place.

Truly, you can change your life!